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Wire Rod Block Rings

Special Grades / Rings



RÁPIDO HSS rolls have high hardness and good wear resistance at high temperatures. This grade is only produced by the horizontal Centrifugal Cast (CC) method and has the core material in spheroidal graphite pearlitic iron. The composition and subsequent heat treatment ensures the hardness of the working layer of the HSS material will reach 80/85° shore ‘C’, with uniform hardness throughout the working layer, while the structure of complex carbides of Vanadium, Tungsten, Niobium and Molybdenum in a martensitic matrix ensures uniform wear as well as high wear resistance. This type of roll is used in finishing applications for increased campaign times and better surface finish.



Production Type Centrifugal Cast Double Pour Materials

Chemical C  1.6-2.0 | Si 0.3-1.0 | Mn 0.3-1.0 | Cr 4.0-8.0 | Mo 4.0-6.0 | Cr 4.0-6.0 | Ni 0.5-1.5

Hardness 70-85 HSc | Tensile ≥ 700-900 Mpa | Bending ≥ 700-1100 Mpa


Demand for new alternatives for tungsten carbide have led to the development of an iron-matrix material with increasing carbide contents. We are introducing RÁPIDO TOOLSTEEL which can be used in highest and lowest rolling speed. This can be used in rolling mills for pinching, looping and transporting, KOCKS reduction and Sizing Block, Composite Rolls in Pre-finishing stands.



Production Type Sintered Materials

Chemical C  ** | Si ** | Mn ** | P 0.03 | S 0.03 | V 3.7-4.5 | Cr 0.45-1.20 | W 5.2-6.5

Hardness 35-50 HSc



Production Type Sintered Materials

Chemical W  8-32% | CoNiCr 68-92% 

Hardness 35-50 Hra